137 Barkers Mill Rd, Pembroke, KY 42266 | Phone: (270) 640-7744

MB Roland Distillery Pembroke, Christian Co. KY - MB Roland Distillery is a completely “grain to grass” Kentucky craft distillery and founding member of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour.

Meet Our Team Member, Ed

MB Roland Distillery would like to introduce our team members, the folks responsible for the continued success of what we do here.

Meet Ed Grimes! Ed has been with MBR for just over two years now. His background is in sales and marketing, and he was involved with the crop insurance program, assisting farmers and growers with their risk management programs for over 16 years. Prior to that, he had been involved in the printing business.MB-Roland-Distillery-Team-Member-Ed-Grimes

Here are some additional Q and A’s to get to know Ed!

Q: What was your first job at MBR?

  • A: I was initially working in guest services for tours, tastings, etc. in the gift shop. Now, I assist with training new employees for the gift shop.

Q: What is the best part of your job?

  • A: The absolute best part of my job is interacting with visitors from all over the United States, even other countries.

Q: What is your favorite product of MBR?

  • A: Hands down my favorite product is our Rye Whiskey, which ties with our main Kentucky Bourbon.

Q: Do you have a favorite cocktail made from MBR products?

  • A: I like to take the Azul, add a slice of citrus, and a splash of clear soda.

Q: Do you have a favorite pet at MBR?

  • A: Well, that’s a tough one, but Cass remains my favorite.

Q: When giving a tour, what is the most asked question about the distillery?

  • A: Probably the most asked question on the tour for me is, “How long has MBR been here?”

Ed went on to say, “I am originally from Nashville but have lived here for over 20 years with my wife, Dorothy, and our three (now grown) children. We are both retired/semi-retired. She was an educator at Immaculate Conception School. We have been married for over 42 years, which proves she is a candidate for sainthood! We enjoy outdoor activities especially cruising in our VW convertible, antiquing, and other traveling.”

Find more information on our MB Roland products here, or book a tour and tasting today.

MB Roland Distillery is a completely “grain to glass” craft distillery located in Pembroke, KY. We use local white corn to hand make our products ranging from our unique “distillation & barrel proof” Kentucky Bourbon to our naturally-flavored Kentucky Pink Lemonade. Stop by for a tour or visit our website today.