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MB Roland Distillery Pembroke, Christian Co. KY - MB Roland Distillery is a completely “grain to grass” Kentucky craft distillery and founding member of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour.

Meet Our Team Member, Greg

MB Roland Distillery would like to introduce our team members, the folks responsible for the continued success of what we do here.

Meet Greg Miller! Greg has worked for MB Roland for 1 year now after retiring from Active Duty Army after 29 years. He started in the Gift Shop as a tour guide and bottling spirits. As MB Roland has grown, he has since taken up the newly created position as the Processing Manager.

Here are some additional Q and A’s to get to know Greg!


Q: What’s the best part of your job?

  • A: I like to say to everyone around me at least once a day, “Have I told you today, I love my job.” There’s really not much I don’t enjoy about working at MBR. I like meeting new people, giving tours, and bottling spirits. The atmosphere at MBR is absolutely great with low stress. I wake up happy and go to bed happy.

Q: What is your favorite MBR product?

  • A: Aside from most of the Single Barrel Bourbons, I always find myself going back to the Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey.

Q: Do you have a favorite cocktail made from MBR products?

  • A: Liz, our Lead Distiller, just introduced me to a new favorite; MBR Pink Lemonade mixed 50/50 with Fresca! It’s a refreshing poolside drink.

Q: Do you have a favorite pet at MBR?

  • A: Smoke the cat. When I started working at MBR he was skittish and wouldn’t let many people pet him, but a few of us worked together to gain his trust. Now he comes down the steps to greet me when I pull into a parking spot, or waits for me at the top of the back door steps to pet him on my way inside. Smoke disappeared a few days this past winter. Sarah was in the rick house giving a tour when she spotted Smoke. She was so excited she group texted, “I see Smoke in the rick house!” Everyone thought the rick house was on fire!

Q: When giving a tour, what is the most asked question about the distillery?

  • A: What’s the oldest full barrel we have at MBR? I always answer, “It’s a secret.”

Greg went on to say, “I’m originally from the town of Wye Mills on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. I was stationed at Fort Campbell four times over my Army career. My wife and I enjoy bourbon and Kentucky, so when it came time to hang my boots up, we decided to stay here in KY.”

Find more information on our MB Roland products here, or book a tour and tasting today.

MB Roland Distillery is a completely “grain to glass” craft distillery located in Pembroke, KY. We use local white corn to hand make each of our products ranging from our unique “distillation & barrel proof” Kentucky Bourbon to our naturally-flavored Kentucky Pink Lemonade. Stop by for a tour or visit our website today.